Our Charity organization  is launching an urgent appeal to raise money for (displaced people )much-needed baby milk and supplements for Syrian displaced children. Your $15 donation will provide milk and much needed food supplements for a child for a whole month.  Help us provide baby milk and food supplements for over 5000 children who desperately need it.

Inside Syria

50,000 Syrians are staying in unfurnished housing which range from unsatisfactory shelters such as poultry farms, university dorms and schools. Warm clothing, heaters, blankets and shelter rehabilitation are in dire need. UNICEF estimates that over 75,000 children require blankets and warm clothes, as many live in shelters that do not protect them from the harsh winter.


In Lebanon, thousands of refugees are residing in the mountainous north and Bekaa valley. Shelter continues to be a pressing reality. Many refugees were initially absorbed by host communities, while others are staying in factories, animal shelters, basements and in other inadequate shelters. Good Deeds Alliance Foundation is planning shelter units in Bekaa Casa, Northern Casa, Southern Casa and Mount Lebanon and will provide families with heavy winter clothes, heaters and facilities which will help improve health outcomes.


The Zaatari refugee camp recently experienced its first heavy rains. 38 tents were moved from flooded areas, and two tents replaced due to damage. Good Deeds Alliance Foundation is currently assisting 1500 households in Jordan to receive winter provisions such as heaters, blankets, pillows and mattresses. There are plans to assist a further 850 families with winter items.

           Refugees crisis

Good Deeds Alliance Foundation  and Myazpiration  remains extremely concerned for the nearly three million people who are affected by the conflict and require urgent assistance. While our humanitarian operation is trying to serve thousands of people, it is hindered by lack of funding as well as insecurity and violence. We need more resources to be able to help vulnerable Syrians families.

We urge you reading this to donate money ( for displaced people )online or whatever you can. From warm blankets to clothing or funds to food and medicines, whatever you can donate will be very much appreciated.

Please send in your donations now.

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