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                 Donate to Charity

Are you looking for charities to donate to or want to help others to have a better future is easier than you think; you don't need to wait to become a billionaire like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey (to search charities to donate to )  in order to help the nonprofits to make the difference. You can become a volunteer, you can donate your time, you can donate your old clothes, donate to a charity (example money)  or even start your own charity fund raising see how it works . And in doing so, you can become a better person and a happier human-being.

If you have worn clothing, please don't throw it away. Your clothes could make a mother or child happy, help keep them warm or even provide material for new clothing that they'll make from your old ones.

Giving used clothing away to the poor in North America and Europe is often a strangely disconnected venture. I’ve given clothes for years to local charities, but it’s always, sadly, an anonymous gift. There’s so much joy in connecting with the people who need your clothing! Putting a human face on poverty and need should not be shameful. What’s troubling to me is that most charities in the US and Europe act as a buffer between you, your stuff, and the poor people who could use your stuff. If we could connect with those in need more easily, I believe we will all give more freely.

Therefore, if you are looking for an organization to donate your clothing to so you know it gets to those in need? Please contact us via our comment area, so we can ensure it gets to those who need them most...

                         Donate to Charity   : Cash, cloths, toys etc

We are trying to get collection centers for used cloths and other materials like educational materials that can benefit the poor women and children in developing countries. We need you to partner with us in this noble task. You can be a volunteer for this project.

Note: The easiest way to donate to charity is cash via pay pal , credit card etc -see our donation section  or go to Myazpiration and chose a charity project to help

For more NGO projects, see Charity projects at  Myazpiration 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any NGO project to discuss 


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