Children education

Children education

Good Deeds Alliance Foundation works in rural communities where there is lack of proper education for children (we build children school) . We combine learning and earning opportunities which offer children (children books) and their family’s long-term solutions to poverty. Our Vision is for every young person in the developing world to fulfill their potential and to make a difference.

Through our Build a School programme we carry out teacher training, build classrooms, develop infrastructure, provide books, desks and other supplies, and develop school governance capacity in rural communities in the developing world.

In addition to clean, hygienic and well-constructed classrooms, we aim to ensure clean drinking water and sanitation facilities are available at each of the schools we support, in order to help improve the health of the children.

Furthermore, we believe that quality education (Children education ) will only be achieved when parents are involved. Good Deeds Alliance Foundation works with parents, children, teachers and government education staff to identify the key problems each school faces and prepares a 'School Development Plan'. We then work with the school, the parents and government staff to implement the plan and transform the school by:

*improving infrastructure;
*continuing to increase parental involvement;
*improving standards of teaching and learning;
*strengthening school management; and
*increasing gender and HIV/AIDS awareness.
By working together, the schools have seen a dramatic rise in attendance and in the number of pupils able to go to secondary school, increasing their chances of a brighter future.

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Way you can help  Children education  project

There are so many rewarding ways you can get involved with Good Deeds Alliance Foundation to help create a brighter future for thousands of young people in the developing world. A regular direct debit means a reliable income for our projects. A small contribution each month can go a very long way! Alternatively, a single cash donation would help our work enormously. You don't have to give a fortune to help make a real difference. In fact, 75% of our income is raised by individuals.
So, why not make a difference in the life of the needy today? .You can make us succeed if you want to. It is without doubt that "Education is the door to freedom, democracy and development" (Nelson Mandela).

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