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More than 115 million children worldwide are subjected to the worst forms of child labor, including trafficking for commercial sex exploitation and hazardous physical labor. We work to prevent the exploitation of children, protect the most vulnerable, and bring healing to children who have been exploited.

Millions of children—most of them girls—are enslaved in the global sex trade today. Many, like Nadia, are forced to serve several “clients” every day. They are often drugged and beaten if they don’t obey.

"They told me they {would} kill me if I tried to leave," remembers Nadia. Orphaned and alone at age 12, Nadia was thrilled when a foreign man asked her to go for a boat ride to an island. “It never entered my mind that he would do anything bad to me,” she said. “He forced me, and he hit me.” Terrified and ashamed, she was grateful when a woman offered her a job in a restaurant. But it was a trap. She had been sold into prostitution. Amazingly, Nadia escaped, and the police brought her to a Trauma Recovery Center, where she benefited from counseling and loving support, and learned skills she can use to be self-sufficient.

You can help girls like Nadia recover from exploitation. Your gift will help prevent abuse, and restore physical and spiritual health to rescued girls by providing things like safe shelter, medical care, nutritious food, vocational training, compassionate counseling, and when possible, reintegration with a loving family.

                              Children charity

Good Deeds Alliance Foundation is committed to the highest standards of child protection and does not publish names or identifiable photos of exploited children without express permission.

They're the world's most vulnerable children. Each year, millions of girls and boys are exploited — they are raped, forced into early marriage, enslaved in the global sex trade, or used for bonded labor.

Their days are filled with dread and their nights with pain. They're alone. There are no adults in their lives who offer them protection.

For $20 a month, you can help one child after another escape a life of horror.

Each month you'll help exploited children find hope and new life. Good Deeds Alliance Foundation is trying to fund recovery centers and offer resources like safe shelter, food, health care, and trauma recovery assistance for girls and boys who have faced abuse. We also advocate for the protection of these children at both the local and international level. And by partnering with law enforcement efforts worldwide, we support the prevention and punishment of child exploitation.

Together we can help save them, one by one.

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