Get Involved: Help the needy

Get Involved :  Help the needy


Help the needy


There are many ways to get involved with with us at Good Deeds Alliance Foundation, from wherever you are in the world, no matter how much--or how little--time you have. From a full time job to occasional fundraising. Supporting Good Deeds Alliance Foundation can be a life changing experience! Here are some ways you can get involved:

*Spread the word to your friends at   Google +,  Facebook, Twitter , linkedin , Pinterest, Tumblr , Instagram , Vk , Flickr ,Vine  etc Let them know your plan to help the needy and try to bring them on board.

*Volunteer: volunteering is a great way to help the poor . Do not hesitate to see Myazpiration  a crowdfunding website dedicated to helping the needy raise money for their cause.

           Get Involved :  Help the needy

We welcome your sincere interest and highly value your support of our Foundation. There are number of ways how you can contribute and start making a difference in women and children’s lives.

The simplest way is to donate either online is  via credit card or PayPal,  or bank transfer. You are also welcome to suggest your own fundraising initiative or come up with a charitable project. 

Note. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any charity project or go to Myazpiration and upload your project there. The team will help you with all details you need in order to succeed. 

Please contact us to discuss your idea in detail. 


Please send in your donations now.

For more NGO projects, see Charity projects at  Myazpiration 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any NGO project to discuss